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My Experience Mining ZCash [ZEC]

Back into Cryptocurrency

I am back into the hash generation after years of stepping away. With me not having to pay for electricity now I started thinking… what about making a few bucks a month mining ZCASH?  Could I experience the thrill of finally getting a miner to work after so much frustration all over again?

Lucky for me, the cryptocurrency scene has developed into a much more ‘legit’ industry. With a few of the more unscrupulous people out of the industry (i.e. Cryptsy and MtGox) I feel the community has been able to grow and develop into a thriving microcosm.

Where To Start?

There I was, seeing the new Crypto-World before me. No wallet, no miner, and no currency ideas. I remembered CoinWarz.com and decided to check it out for coin minng ideas. I found that with my hardware, an R9-290X and AMDFX8350, I would be best suited mining ZCash. The profit margin would have been negative if I needed to pay for electricity, but thankfully it is free. I searched for a pool in which to begin my foray back into the world of mining. Countless reviews later it was settled, zec.suprnova.cc would be my new home.

Once I had an account up and running, I then needed to grab a miner. NHEQ Miner and SilentArmy were quick to find. Using NHEQ Miner, I was able to reach 90Sol/s to 100Sol/s, with only my GPU. Checking the stats, I would be looking at $0.25 – $0.50 a day in ZEC. To me an extra $15.00 is a nice free amount of money, even though I do not plan to convert it, but to play the markets at Poloniex as a sort of day trading adventure.

How to Start Mining For Yourself

Coming Soon!